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As a Bespoke Learning Advisory we do very exciting work in Leadership Capability Development, Managerial and Team Effectiveness space, leveraging Experiential Learning Methodologies, and Facilitation. 


ProventusHR’s unique learning approach incorporates andragogy with advanced facilitation tools and techniques. This moves individuals and teams past engagement to a collective call-to-action.

Through training and consultation, our team develops high performing leadership teams and aligns strategy, values and business processes in a way that is meaningful for all stakeholders.


The result is an organisation that excels!!


Leadership Excellence through Awareness & Practice

"Leaders are made like anything else

through hard work & discipline"

The 6-9 - months leadership mastery journey focusses on enabling the participants to develop capabilities to prepare them for the next level of leadership behaviours.


This experiential learning journey is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of leaders through a 360° multi modular and multi touchpoint intervention that takes the participants through various elements and modes of learning.



Like any life form, the ultimate need of an organization is also to survive and grow and leave a legacy for generations to follow, adapt, evolve and grow on.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"~ Lao Tzu

Our LEAP journey model of bespoke Leadership Mastery Journeys helps organizations identify and groom current and future leader leaders taking a curated path of tailored interventions, relevant to the need of the leaders over a defined course of time.


Our Experience Immerse Reflect (Experiential Learning) methodologies are best suited for adult learning, and have higher learning effectiveness. We help learners, move from Competency to Capability in the shortest possible time.


Signature SERIES

We, at ProventusHR use ‘REEL|Life – Learning from Movies’ as a methodology since it is 10x more effective than any other (traditional or tech driven learning methodologies). It is a unique learning methodology underleveraged by any HR & Learning advisory service provider in the country, for mainstream behavioral learning journeys.

Adults learn more if they have Audio-Visual contextualization, demonstration and an opportunity for deep immersion and reflective discussion.

~ Tufts University

REEL|Life - #ExperienceLearning plays an important role to win participant mindshare and achieve the desired levels of learning immersion and thus, learning outcomes



Mostly organizations follow the subjective evaluation and personal experiences of managers to identify employees with the potential to take up higher responsibilities in their own areas of work or even take up cross functional career responsibilities as they move ahead. These decisions of identification of talent, though not wrong always, may also not be most optimal keeping in view, both individual aspirations and limitations as well as organizational requirements.

We bring in the expertise of aptitude and capability assessment using world class psychometric assessments and in-depth Competence Based assessments at the individual level, to establish individual readiness to deliver on specific capability requirements.


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