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'Camp Greenhorn' - Campus to Corporate

“Success is NOT a matter of chance, but of Choice”

Every year thousands of Campus Graduates join corporate India, and take on the onerous world of professional behaviours and execution. While organisations spend significant time, effort and resources to equip these trainees for the job at hand, often we miss out on priming and developing them for being future leaders.

Compounding this is widespread acknowledgement of the fact that a large number of graduates from the Indian educational system are under-equipped with reference to skills, capabilities & attitudes, required for corporate success.

At National Defence Academy - Khadakwasla, a premier tri-services defence academy, young cadets are introduced to the basic battle subjects and development of leadership qualities, in a camp. This camp is known as “CAMP GREENHORN”, akin to the rites of passage.

We present our unique C2C proposition, with the very best of methodology, Inspired from the hallways of “Cradle of Leadership” .

We at ProventusHR, recognise the importance of early stage career intervention, to mould these young trainees in the corporate world. Our completely Experiential approach, makes this transition from students to corporate warriors, a highly effective and rewarding journey. Outcome is greater awareness, commitment, comradery, focus, leadership, discipline, result orientation in young professionals, leading to higher engagement, and retention in Campus2Corporate programs.

Our bespoke C2C intervention, “CAMP GREENHORN” is designed to immerse young professionals in an intense program consisting of learning from experiences through

1 Out-Bound

2 Prototyping

3 Simulations

4 Movie Review

This workshop utilises a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. There will also be many practical sessions where participants have the opportunity to practice and experience related activities. Practical and fun exercises, prototyping, simulation, small group work, action-planning templates, movie reviews and feedback will be used to facilitate learning.

Nothing succeeds like SUCCESS, to know more talk to the experts, contact us now.
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