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Leadership Excellence through Awareness & Practice

Bringing together the best of #ExperienceLearning & Leadership Coaching

  • 8 out of 10 managers are promoted to leadership positions based on seniority and/or current performance

  • 25% of organisations say less than 10% of critical leadership positions have ready successors.

  • Only 15% of organisations have fully implemented leadership development at all stages

  • 71% of companies feel their managers are not equipped to lead the company into future

  • 40% of new managers fail within 18 months of their new position 

The benefits of a world-class leadership development program


  • 37% higher revenue per employee

  • 9% higher gross margin

  • 5x more likely to be highly effective at anticipating and responding to change

  • more leaders identifying & developing more likely to be highly effective at 10x





"Leaders are made like anything else

through hard work & discipline"


A single or a series of disjointed interventions (however well meaning & designed), do not lead to a significant change in leadership behaviours.


Leadership is like any other, a skill that needs to be purposefully practiced in order to get better at it. One has to occupy a conscious 360° mind-share of the participants during this developmental journey and beyond.


Our signature  LEAP (Leadership Excellence through Awareness & Practice) capability development journey builds on the power of #LeadershipCoaching while taking the participants through a carefully curated, highly immersive-reflective #ExperienceLearning.

The 6-9 - months journey focusses on enabling the participants to develop capabilities to prepare them for the next level of leadership behaviours.


This experiential learning journey brings together the best of #ExperienceLearning & #LeadershipCoaching, and is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of leaders through a 360° multi modular and multi touchpoint intervention that takes the participants through various elements and modes of learning, including:


The design incorporates the following salient features:

  • Pre & Post Assessments ( 360º Feedback or Psychometrics)

  • Periodic Self Assessment Inventories

  • 360º Multi-Sensory Modular Learning Approach

  • Facilitated Experience- Immersion and Reflection #ExperienceLearning

  • P@L - Enlisting Partners@Learning for FeedForward

  • A strong Emphasis on RISES Action Learning (Behaviours that I will Reduce, Increase, Start, Excel, Stop)

  • 6-9 Structured Leadership Coaching Sessions

  • ATM - 24x7 Connect with the Journey mentor



Leadership Mastery Journey Presentation


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