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It’s not about inviting others into the room; it’s about inviting their perspective into the conversation to drive innovation, productivity and success.

Creating a culture where people are respected and appreciated.



Equity in a workplace means everyone receives fair treatment. There's a transparency to cause and effect, and everyone knows what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards. When equity exists, people have equitable access to opportunities. It sets up an advantageous environment for both the employees and the employer.


Treating everyone equally maintains inequity; start with equity-inspired design.



Managing diversity in the workplace presents a set of unique challenges for organisations & HR professionals. These challenges can be mitigated if an organization makes a concerted effort to encourage a more heterogeneous environment through promoting a culture of tolerance, open communication and creating conflict management strategies to address issues that may arise.

Fixing the Flawed Approach to Diversity

Company leaders must acknowledge their blind spots, respond to the needs of diverse groups, and focus on the measures that really work.


Successful organizations are powered by the diverse opinions, skill sets and life experiences of their employees. To tap into the full potential of human diversity, organizations need to have equitable work and people processes and hire diverse talent and create an inclusive working culture underpinned by a fundamental sense of belonging, fairness and equity, enabling people to bring their “full self” to work.

The change will accelerate if we build a common language and understanding for these

critical conversations.  

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