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360° People

Coaching is a proven approach to executive career development & succession planning. We work with several senior professionals, about their career and leadership aspirations, the leadership skills they want to develop, and roadblocks faced.


Having decades of CXO table experience, we’ve devised a pragmatic, immersive-reflective and effective system, used to build leadership capabilities, confidence, executive presence and gravitas to achieve business and career objectives.




In the #ExperienceLearning Coaching Program, we partner to:


• Focus on achieving professional leadership goals

• Use assessments to understand leadership strengths and communication style

• Create a custom plan: a 'roadmap' to the goals

• Discover and practice new leadership capabilities leveraging ‘#ExperienceLearning©’

• Encourage resolution of situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way.

360 People Leader.png
Chalking Up


is geared towards people leaders tasked

with the responsibility of core ‘execution’,

of leading people and process transactions


The people leaders in this mid-level face distinct challenges which cause demands on them in capabilities to ensure personal effectiveness in working with their teams, by

  • understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, their priorities and motivations towards their career goals

  • having meaningful conversations with their teams or managers who may have teams

  • strengthening relationships & trust with their peers and the teams they manage

  • managing & harnessing conflict to encourage innovation

  • leading performance by understanding their teams and their performance capabilities

  • being able to articulate and identify business objectives keeping in mind these capabilities



In our unique #ExperienceLearning© methodology for Executive Coaching we lay emphasis on doing, thinking, and deriving one’s own learning inputs. As a Coach we are a facilitator of this self-driven discovery process.


Through our #ExperienceLearning© tools, we facilitate safe learning experiences that help the participants discover the behaviours/ beliefs that they work with and help them realize the need and urgency to change to meet the expectations of today’s dynamic fast paced business environments.

Stories are like nutrition for our souls. We remember them and love them. They have a deeper meaning for us. 

We use reflective conversations, experiential tools, REEL|Life and gamification-based solutions, sustain interest and ensure learning retention & sustainable behavioural change.


We leverage Prototyping, Lego Works, ProcessWork , Computer Simulations #Gamification & REEL|Life (Movie Reviews) for #ExperienceLearning©. 

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