Values Definitions


Aesthetics                      Appreciation and enjoyment of beauty for beauty’s sake              


Ambition                         Strong desire for achievement


Appearance                   Concern for the attractiveness of one’s own person


Broadmindedness         Open-minded, tolerant

Competence                  Capable, effective

Creativity                        Imaginative

Emotional Health           Peace of mind, freedom form overwhelming anxiety


Equality                           Equal opportunity for all


Ethics                              Having principles of conduct


Helpfulness                    Working for or devotion to others


Honesty                          Truthful, sincere


Knowledge                     Seeking of truth, information


Leadership                      Influence over others


Leisure                            Time for enjoyment, gratification


Love                                Devotion, companionship, warm attachment to another


Physical Health              Freedom from physical disease or pain


Popularity                       Being liked, approved and accepted by many


Spirituality/Faith             Belief in and activity held on behalf of a Higher Power


Security                          Freedom from concern for material resources


Self-Sufficiency              Self-reliant, independent


Success                          Accomplishment brought about by effort and determination

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