ProventusHR has a thorough understanding of compensation systems. The thoughtful and analytical approach to issues involving Pay, Benefits, Incentives and Recognition was helpful in shaping our Total Rewards Strategy”

~ HR Advisory Total Rewards Strategy Project

ProventusHR has successfully helped us close seemingly complex positions in reasonable time frame. We have enjoyed working with them and are sure will continue to do so in the future too.”

~ Executive Search Services

"Challenging programme effectively carried through. participants with broad experience helped to enrich the discussions in a very positive way…. There are many useful things I am taking home from this training and I am appreciative of this opportunity to learn from such a diverse team."

~ Thriving in "VUCA World”

We like to think that we offer exemplary quality and we are constantly examining our own practice to improve our programmes.

However, in order to help you get a feel for the quality that we offer, here are just some of the comments and feedback from previous clients.

"Fantastic session done. Unknowingly we used to work with such personality however I got to know how to deal with them from this session. Thank You."

​"Never thought we can observe such small details in our surrounding. Awesome session on influencing people"

​"The content and the way that video was used to teach the topic was excellent. And it heeled more effective way for me to understand the four types of leader and how we should use.
Thank you"

~ Participants of Influencing Excellence in Leadership

"Facilitation was outstanding. Very much liked the approach. Also liked the fact that time management was excellent - sessions and days were not too long, as often happens in these sort of workshops. There was a lot of content, so lots of food for thought!"

~ Crucial Conversations

“You may think you know HR, but it is not worth reinventing the wheel when you can partner with ProventusHR. Their team is action-oriented and always available to assist in a friendly and professional way.”

~ HR Advisory Services Retainership Partner

”The Crest Project conceptualized & executed by ProventusHR is showing results beyond expectations, a complete business turn-around 9 out of 11 units. Simple Crisp Incisive implementation with amazing speed of execution.”

~ HR Advisory (Business Transformation)

Our Representative Experience

"Really a very good course and a highly enjoyable program Trainer was excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. … huge breadth of knowledge and the ability to tie the different ends together and draw general lessons."

~ Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

"I don't remember ever going on a course here where I stayed awake and alert and interested all day. I know this seems doesn't seem like much, but this was a great session. Thank you."

~ Influencing & Stakeholder Management