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​​A Bespoke Talent Advisory Firm 

Organizational Vision, Mission and Values form the beacons of organizational direction laying down ‘what’ the organization and its employees are set out to achieve and ‘How’ is every concerned stakeholder expected to achieve the results on the way. We use highly inclusive methodologies to help organizations create their Vision, Mission and Values framework and weave them into the people processes.

We help our customers defined the right measures for HR effectiveness across the various organizational entities within HR and translate the strategic priorities to measurable objectives which can be used to track progress on the key result areas.

The Talent strategy flows from the business strategy and we work with the CHROs and CXOs to ensure there is no gap between the cup and the lip and the business strategy translates effectively into the people priorities that the HR organization and business leaders can facilitate in the right direction for execution.

I        Strategy & Culture

II        People Policy & Procedure

An organization’s strategy to attract, motivate, engage and retain is understood by its Total Rewards program. At ProventusHR, we specialize in helping organizations define and implement its Total Rewards Strategy across the following elements

          Compensation: Pay including both fixed and variable pay tied to performance levels.
          Benefits: To supplement the cash compensation employees receive.
          Work-Life Effectiveness: a philosophy that actively supports efforts to help employees achieve success at work and home.
          Recognition: programs that acknowledge or give special attention to employee actions, efforts, behavior or performance by                   reinforcing behaviors that contribute to organizational success.
          Performance Management: The alignment of organizational, team and individual efforts toward the achievement of business                 goals and organizational success.

With the objective of “Total Rewards Optimization” we partner diligently with clients to find newer way to enhance the perception of pay, without necessarily investing in cash, hence focusing on some of key programs and initiatives such as variable pay programs, sales incentive, roles based salary ranges, salary review, career framework, employee benefits, writing policies, data analysis, manager & employee awareness sessions and many more.

CHRO Advisory

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Each client’s needs are unique. Therefore, the solutions developed are not “off the shelf” solutions, but solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique requirements and aligned with their specific business objectives. 

The key to the success of any talent solution is its effective implementation.

Recognizing this, ProventusHR CHRO Advisory Services not only provides advice or consultancy, taking into account the organisation scenario, but also aids in the end-to-end implementation of the solutions proposed.

Clients Speak

The key pillars of offerings in our advisory services are

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HR policies provide the framework for employee management at the workplace and provide the guidelines to be followed by employees in the organization in various roles. We help organizations write down and review industry relevant HR policies to support the organizational culture and promote employee engagement and motivation.

Well laid down HR procedures help employees understand hot to translate the organizational policies into actions and expectations from the various stakeholders in the relevant process of employee life-cycle. We help organizations translate the policies and practices to well-articulated and crisp procedural documents detailing the steps required to implement the HR policies

Our scoping of the culture assessment covers exploring the organizational DNA for Facts and Frameworks around

  • People Strategy
  • Organizational Policies
  • Communication Channels
  • Awareness in the organization
  • Practice details
  • Enablement levers
  • Reward & recognition

Proprietary Diagnostic Tools

III        Total Rewards

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